Jayda InStitches Crochet Calendar Blankets!

Have Fun and Be Inspired All Year Long with Our Monthly Projects & Episodes

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2021 Mighty Mile-A-Minute Calendar Blanket

FUN & FAST!  A New Stitch Strip Per Month!

Tune In On The First Friday of Every Month For Each Installment of Our Mighty Mile-A-Minute Calendar Blanket Series on  !

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2020 Patchwork Square Calendar Blanket

Let's Crochet a Quilt Style Blanket Together!

2019 Folk Art Calendar Blanket Series

How To Crochet a Folk Art Painting!  : )

2018 Calendar Blanket Series

Victorian Stitch Sampler - a new stitch a month, plus border

2017 Calendar Blanket Series

Large fancy Granny Square Blanket - a new square per month, plus border

2016 Temperature Calendar Blanket Series

a daily log of our local temperature crocheted into a blanket - join as you go mini granny squares, an elegant border, plus surface chain stitching of letters

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